Welcome to Professional Flight Management

Professional Flight Management (PFM) is a privately held company located in Pennsylvania that provides customized operations management systems to corporate, private and managed flight departments.

PFM is the premier provider of flight operations management systems. For over 35 years PFM has supported scheduling, reporting and secure data transfer in an increasingly complex environment of changing passenger, corporate, and regulatory requirements. We configure and customize our systems to meet the flight department’s unique needs – offering a single source for implementation, training, and on-call support.

We provide a comprehensive suite of applications and services support all aspects of flight department operations.


At PFM, we provide our clients with a customized system. Each flight department has reporting requirements unique to their organization. PFM will work with each customer to customize their system, reports, printouts, etc., to meet their department’s needs.


PFM provides its services and systems from our Data Center - owned and operated by PFM. This ensure reliable, global, and secure access to the Flight Department Operation System by authorized users. PFM's data center was started over 15 years ago and has been developed to exceed customer and regulatory requirements to ensure a safe and unfailing operating environment. There is no co-mingling of data or applications between customers, nor does PFM mine or access customer data. PFM also operates a remote disaster recovery site at an independent co-location site to ensure continuity of operations in the unlikely event of a natural or other disaster affecting the primary data center.


Meet our staff here at PFM

William Figures President

Julia Brooks Business Manager

Geoffrey (Phil) Barnes Business Development

Ron DeFulio Senior Systems Engineer

Christina Parkhurst Senior Programmer

Lina Savard Programmer

Michael Hammer Product Consultant and Developer

Bryan Eterno Web Developer

Heath Aiken Application Developer

Samantha Kraft Web Developer

Robyn Carpenter Sr. Director, Customer Relations

Laura Dougherty Technical Support

Alexandra (Alex) John Director, Customer Relations

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it."

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