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Custom Solutions

We understand that all flight departments run differently, so let PFM be part of your customized solutions.

Online Reservation System:
Automation of Travel Requests: The Web programmers at PFM were asked to automate passenger trip requests by creating on-line, Web-based passenger reservations systems.

Design Consultation: Our Web staff works very closely with the Aviation and Travel Departments in the design, function, feel, and over-all look of the system. There were a lot of specific features that needed to be thought through. For instance, should the passengers select airports or just enter the city they wish to travel to? How do you handle guests? Can we indicate if the trip is for business or personal? How do we ensure that all of the necessary information has been entered before the request is submitted. Does the reservation need to be submitted to an authorizer first? How does the flight ops group process the requests and communicate back to the passenger?

Launch of the Reservation System: PFM works through all of these issues and more. The end product has been very successful and the launch of the system to the end-users has been a great success. If this higher-level of automation is something you have thought about, please allow the PFM staff to consult with you on your design needs.

SMS Integration Integrate your Safety Management System needs into PFM. This customized module will allow the flight department crew to assess risk prior to a flight, print check-lists for the crew, better manage crew fatigue, and provide reporting on all your safety management needs.

Fuel Management System This is a one-stop shop for fuel management. Evaluate the lowest fuel price available at an FBO using your contract and negotiated prices at that location. Send a fuel request to the vendor with the lowest pricing, and after the leg is flown, track the actual fuel price, quantity purchased, fuel burn, and price per gallon, using the fuel management reporting tools, including colorful graphs and charts.

Helicopter Module Provide a way for the scheduler’s and dispatcher’s to organize the Helicopter Schedules. This system allows for the entry of all helicopter requests with the ability to sort those requests to maximize your helicopter schedules to provide greater efficiency of the helicopters.

Ground System Do you have your own ground transportation fleet or do you book with transportation vendors? This module provides the user with the ability to manage all ground transportation requests, assign vendors or drivers, print the confirmations for the passengers, and show the confirmations on the tripsheets for the crew. Manage all your transportation needs with the click of a button.

Commercial Fares Interface This interface will tie the companies’ commercial reservations into PFM, allowing the user to maximize the passenger load for the corporate aircraft by “pulling” employees with commercial reservations onto the corporate aircraft. The interface allows the user to sort by destination, even showing commercial legs with connections.

Automatic Email Distribution for Printouts and Reports PFM can provide automatic email distribution for any printout or report in the system. An example of this process is we are currently providing this service to a variety of fuel management groups. PFM can automatically send an email of your flight schedule to the vendor each day, so they can provide you pricing based on your schedule.

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