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PFM Citrix Farm Hosting Services

Do these conflicts between Corporate IT and the Flight Department sound familiar?

  • Access to your flight schedule on the weekend and on the road is blocked by the Corporate Firewall.

  • Corporate IT is over-committed and the Flight Department is last on their list.

  • You need to update your Scheduling system, but IT won’t allow any updates without their approval.

  • The Flight Department's technology needs are completely different from the rest of the company, but you are required to comply with "company standard" policies.

  • You are blocked from accessing Web-based features like automatic fuel pricing, FBO updates, and PDA interfaces.

  • The PFM Citrix Hosting Service solves all of these problems, and more.

    Citrix Technology

    Access to PFM via the Internet utilizes Citrix technologies over TCP/IP connections. The low band-width requirements per user for Citrix sessions as well as the stability and ease of administration make this an attractive low-cost alternative to in-house support.

    PFM Becomes Your IT Support

    The PFM support staff has the ability to shadow your PFM session and provide immediate resolutions to any issues that may arise.

    System Updates

    With PFM performing regular server updates, changes to the system can be made immediately available. This eliminates layers of corporate IT administration at customer sites, thus lowering the cost and time to implementation.

    Updates include:

  • Daily PFM exe updates
  • Twice Yearly Daylight Saving Time Updates
  • Twice Yearly SIFL Updates
  • Customization Updates
  • Regular Universal Updates

  • New PFM Features

    Hosted PFM users have first access to all new modules and products (i.e. wireless module, fuel integration, online pilot portal, eAPIS, etc.). All new modules are rolled out to Hosted Users first.

    Web-Based Feature Integration

    Access to Web-Based integration can be set up in minutes, including, but not limited to:
  • PDA Wireless Module
  • Fuel Pricing Integration
  • Online Pilot Portal
  • Web Calendars (can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world)
  • Outlook Calendar Interface
  • eAPIS Direct Connect

  • PFM User Levels

    Ability to set up custom user levels in the Windows Active Directory and ease of access to enable and disable PFM and PDA Wireless Accounts as needed.

    Ease of Access

    Ease of Access for Crew/Dispatchers/Maintenance Personnel at different locations. With a Web-based system, as long as they have an Internet connection and a computer with a security certificate, they can access PFM.

    Data Security

    Data stored in the PFM Citrix Server Farm is highly secure and is backed up daily and sent to our off-site remote disaster recovery site, ensuring complete system security and full data integrity. PFM can only be accessed from a computer that has a private security certificate issued by PFM.

    Internet Security

    The PFM Citrix Farm has a number of layers of security to ensure secure communications over the public Internet. The server farm sits behind a closely monitored firewall that can be accessed through secure channels (SSL). In addition encryption of Citrix transmissions is also employed using built-in encryption algorithms.

    Dedicated or Shared Environment

    The hosted environment can be implemented as a dedicated server(s) or customers can choose to participate in a shared hosted environment which is more cost efficient.

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