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Pilot Portal

If you are like most crew members, you want to know your schedule. Also, wouldn't it be great to be able to access Airport and FBO databases, your own Crew database record, post-flight reports and training logs, weather and flight planning, all from one easy Web-based location? The PFM Pilot Portal was designed to meet these needs.

Self-Service for Crew

The Pilot Portal is a Web-based application specially designed to meet the needs of all crew members. The Pilot Portal gives an individual crew member access to his or her own flight schedule, pre-flight documents, crew database record, airport and FBO databases, reports, training logs, weather, flight planning, and so forth.

Employee Privacy Policy

Ensuring compliance with Corporate Employee Privacy Policy is a top priority for many PFM customers. The Pilot Portal is designed with Employee Privacy Policies in mind. The crew member has access to his or her own data, only. They cannot see anyone else’s personal data, schedule, or historical flight and training logs.

Features Include

Flight Schedule
Schedule Board
Crew Grid

Scheduling Printouts
Extended Schedule with Pax Info and Leg Notes
Flight Log
Trip Itinerary

Pilot Flight Log Report
Crew Admin Tracker Report
61.57 Currency Report

Databases (read only)
Crew Database
Airport Database
FBO Database

ARINC Customers

Weather (National Weather Service)

Flight Planning (


1. How do we get the Pilot Portal set up for our group?
Hosted Customers
   Everything will be done for you by us. All we need to know is who needs access to the Pilot Portal.

Non-Hosted Customers
   The Pilot Portal will need to be set up by your IT department.

2. After everything is set up, how do the crew get access?
Hosted Customers
   We will set up access for your group.

Non-Hosted Customers
   Access will need to be set up by your IT Department.

3. Can I enter data into PFM from the Pilot Portal?
No, you cannot enter data. The Pilot Portal is read-only.

4. Can I schedule crew from the Pilot Portal?
No, you cannot schedule crew. The Pilot Portal is read-only.

5. Can the Pilot Portal be set up with different user levels?
The Pilot Portal has two user levels. At the crew level, the crew member can only see his or her own information. At the Administrator level, we can set up access so that the administrator can see information for all crew.

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