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As part of a corporation, one of your most important responsibilities is gathering data about the day-to-day operation of your planes, your crew, and your passengers. You need to have the information readily available and you want to be proactive, i.e., you want to know the answer before corporate asks the question.

The PFM Recordkeeping Module has been designed to supply all of the data required. We have been working with corporate flight operations (Part 91) for more than 25 years and have a very thorough understanding of your needs.

Recordkeeping Data Entry

There are various methods for data entry:

Transfer legs from scheduling, the traditional method.

Enter legs from PFM Wireless (PDA) interface. This data entry method allows the crew on the road to log their legs immediately. No need to log into PFM or hand in log sheets at the end of the trip.

Key in legs directly. Sometimes there are situations that were not planned for, such as deviating to a non-scheduled airport for landing. This data is keyed directly into PFM.

European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

We are constantly updating PFM so that our customers are prepared for the ever-changing regulatory climate. PFM customers will have all of the data gathering and reporting features necessary for compliance with the EU ETS.

CAMP, AvTrak,

PFM works with various third party vendors so that you logged aircraft information can seamlessly be exported to your maintenance system providers.

Corporate Chargeback Calculations

PFM can be used for any chargeback calculation. We customize the calculation and distribution of costs to meet your specifications. The charge calculations can then be exported to any corporate accounting system, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and so forth.

Features include

Aircraft Data City pairs, out/off/on/in times, Hobbs times, takeoff/landing, Cycles, Engine times, Fuel burn Interfaces with maintenance systems including CAMP, AvTrak, and Aircraft data is used in the calculation of CO2 emissions for compliance with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Crew Data PIC/SIC/TCM, pilot flying, takeoff/landing, approaches, block time, flight time, duty time, holding/tracking.

Fuel Data Amount purchased, fuel at takeoff and landing, amount burned, cost, posted price per gallon, negotiated price per gallon. Fuel data is used for compliance with the EU ETS.

Passenger Data Names, reason for flying per leg, business/personal, entertainment/non-entertainment, charge back coding. SIFL calculator for imputed income calculation for personal usage. Proxy reporting for senior staff travel. Entertainment use of plane tax disallowance.

Chargeback Calculations Customized departmental chargeback systems for Aircraft usage. Interfaces to corporate accounting systems, such as SAP.

Authorizer/Requestor For tracking aircraft usage and chargebacks.

Expense Tracking Included is a robust system for tracking invoices for fuel and any other expense.

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