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Your responsibilities are changing. Maybe your Flight Department has merged and you have more planes to manage or maybe you have cut head count, so there is more pressure on fewer people. You need to work "smarter not harder." The PFM Scheduling Module is designed to reduce duplication of effort and to allow everyone, from the schedulers to the crew to the passengers, to be informed and part of the same process.

Preflight Schedules and Documents

The Scheduling Module supports all phases of the preflight process. Scheduling of Aircraft, Crew, and Passengers is user-friendly and easy to learn. All necessary documents, such as Crew Tripsheet, Passenger Itinerary, Scheduling Calendars, Customs Forms and eAPIS filing, are readily accessible.

Easy to Use

Ease of use is an important feature of PFM. A good software product should make your job easier, not harder. We listen carefully to our users' needs and suggestions and constantly incorporate them into all parts of PFM.


PFM provides databases to support all scheduling functions. The databases include Aircraft, Crew, Passenger, Airport, FBO, Hotel, and Ground Transportation. The names in the Passenger Database can come from your Human Resources data files. HR imports can be updated on a scheduled basis. This keeps the passenger account codes up to date for corporate chargeback accounting.

Airport and FBO databases

Universal Weather and Aviation is the exclusive provider of all PFM airport and FBO data. Updates are available on a regularly scheduled basis.

Scheduling Calendars

The Scheduling Module has various calendar-type views. For example, the Weekly Calendar-Schedule Board which presents leg data, crew assignment, and pax count, the Monthly Calendar which displays scheduled activity by aircraft., and the Tripsheet Screen where all trips are built and all standard parts of the Scheduling Module.

Web-Based Calendars

Numerous Web-based Calendars are available. These are used by passengers and crew and are set up with appropriate security levels. By viewing availability and schedules via a Web-based Calendar, you can limit access to the PFM system.

Pilot Portal

As part of our on-going Web products development, Crew can see their Schedules, weather, pilot reports and post flight logs via the PFM Pilot Portal.

PFM Wireless (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc)

A very well-received feature of PFM is the PFM Wireless Interface. This Web-based product allows crew to view their schedules, PFM databases, custom fuel pricing, and post flight logs directly into PFM.


As software developers, we are constantly creating features that make our customers' jobs easier. eAPIS is a good example of this process. The programmers and support staff put a great deal of effort into automation of the eAPIS filing process. PFM has all of the required customs data fields. You can send CBP your eAPIS filing directly from PFM.

Features Include

Scheduling Module
Monthly Calendar
Weekly Calendar (Schedule Board)
Daily Calendar

Airport (Universal data)
FBO (Universal data)
Hotel (Universal data)
Catering (Universal data)
Ground Transportation (Universal data)

Crew Documents
Tripsheet (customized to your specifications)
Flight Log (customized to your specifications)
Schedule printouts
Customs forms
eAPIS filing

Leg Details Fields
Local, Zulu, and Home Base times
Daylight Savings Time updates

Notes Fields
Customized Notes labels
Unlimited Notes that print on Crew Tripsheet and Passenger Itinerary

Crew Database
Aircraft ratings
Contact information
Emergency information
eAPIS-required data fields

Crew Administrative Tracker
Training and other calendar-related events
Includes printed report and on-screen warnings

Crew Scheduling
Aircraft ratings warning
Currency warning
Passport expiration warning
Medical expiration warning
Non-flight activities scheduling
Duty day warning

Aircraft Database
eAPIS-required data fields
EU ETS-required data fields

Passenger Database
eAPIS-required data fields
Chargeback account fields
SIFL data fields
HR Database import available

Passenger Manifest (for crew)
Includes passenger picture

Passenger Itinerary (for passenger)
Uses "passenger language" (city/state names)

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